Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Welcome to my rants, raves, and ramblings

At the inspiration of a man whom I love and respect much, I've decided to start a second weblog as a venue for my "theological voice" you may have come to expect from me. This way, I can be somewhat helpful to others (or at least whine a lot) without creating super-long posts on Xanga, which I'll leave for my everyday events. I hesitate to separate theology from daily living, though. After all, real spirituality is taking what we know of God and ourselves and living our every moment by it. Not only is the ongoing incarnation of Jesus Christ the most important reality in history, but also that we who belong to Christ are indwelled by his Breath, his Spirit as well. Incarnational or "sacramental" living is how we are all to live, too. This type of separation was exactly what saints of old, such as the elder John, fought against so vehemently against. But for the sake of brevity and convenience in this gotta-have-it-my-way-now world (Anyone up for Burger King?), this journal will be restricted to my theological musings.

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