Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Web sites worth your while

If you share my theological sympathies (Reformational Christianity), then you might enjoy what's posted on the following sites:

Monergism - Essays and books related to the fact that our wills are captive to sin and the devil (2 Tim 2.25) and that God's sovereign grace is our only hope. Salvation by works (synergism) is futile.

Jonathan Edwards - Entire essays, treatises, and sermons from perhaps America's greatest theologican. Dedicated to God's passion for making much of himself.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
- The belief & practice page has enough reading material to keep one occupied for a year, especially with the entire Book of Concord online.

Christian Counterculture - Monthly topical essays from a grace- and Scripture-saturated perspective. From The Discerning Reader.

Desiring God - The online resources of pastor John Piper. Contains the text of every sermon since 1981 or so, along with recent audio sermons and lots of other stuff.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version - Site dedicated to informing you about the way the Bible should be: faithful to the original texts in both thought and word, readable, and elegant. (Although I still use my NASB '95 study Bible)

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Ryan P.T. said...

Brother, I don't know if you've actually read anything from Christian CounterCulture, but I find it hard to believe you agree with what they have to say. I just finished reading the Editor's desk, and an editorial with something about "good news" in the title, and I thought it was gonna ralph. It's liberal drivel that is scantly edifying to the Body. Needless to say, I'm a little worked up.