Sunday, April 9, 2006

"Justin case you didn't notice, Detroit is hot"

That was the headline on today.

3-1. 14-3. 10-6. 5-2. 7-0. No, folks, those aren't last night's winning lottery numbers. Those are the scores from the Tigers' first five games, leaving Detroit as the only undefeated team in the American League. How are they doing it?

First off, we've had solid pitching throughout the rotation, leaving little need for relief, let alone closer Todd Jones. Even at the bottom of our rotation, Justin Verlander fanned seven yesterday (hence the headline at

Then there's this just plain freakish first baseman by the name of Chris Shelton. Last year he showed flashes of talent, but he hit five dingers in his first four games (with two multiple-homer games). With his 3-for-4 outing yesterday, accompanied by a triple to right field, he's batting over .700!

Then came Thursday's 10-6 victory over Texas. Not one ... not two ... not three ... but SEVEN. That's how many balls the Tigers swatted over the fence. Fierce. Could this be the year to "restore the roar?" Perhaps not, but don't count 'em out yet. (The only thing that worries me is that the only other remaining undefeated team in the Majors is Milwaukee, who's just as notorious as Detroit for posting abysmal win-loss records.)

Detroit is the best sports city in the nation: The Tigers have the best record in the MLB (5-0). The Pistons are the best in the NBA (61-15). And the Red Wings are tops in the NHL (54-15). When was the last time something like that happened? Dee-troit what?!

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