Sunday, October 8, 2006

"They actually kicked our ass."

Boo-yah! "Where is the Big Unit? Where is the touted offense? Where is the $25-million superstar? Where is the critic? Has not Jim Leyland made foolish the predictions of the nay-sayers?" (1 Corinthians 1:20, New Dee-troit Version)

That's right, the unstoppable Yankees got flogged by the Tigers, whom everyone else had written off weeks ago. Led by outstanding efforts from Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman (left), Detroit's pitching staff held the Bronx Bloopers to batting only .095 with runners in scoring position and held them to 20 consecutive scoreless innings . I couldn't put it any better than New York third-sacker Alex Rodriguez: "Plain and simple, they dominated us. It's not like we lost by one or two runs. They actually kicked our ass."

All I've gotta say is: Bring it on. We're not losing the pennant to Baked Ziti and the Oakland Unathletics. (What the heck is an "Athletic"? And why is their logo an elephant?)

Congratulations, boys. Thanks for restoring the roar. Keep it going!

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