Monday, April 2, 2007

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker-Jacks

It's Opening Day. Sure, the Mets and Cardinals may have squared off last night already, but the real Major League Baseball season starts today when the Tigers' ace Jeremy Bonderman takes the mound against the Toronto Blue Jays. Are we going to surprise everyone like last year? No--everyone's watching us. But can we repeat as a top contender in the tough American League Central Division? Absolutely. Even without veteran pitcher Kenny Rogers (out three months recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot in his shoulder), we have a solid rotation backed with even more offensive firepower than last year in the form of Gary Sheffield.

Spring is here, folks. Last week, I saw someone mowing a lawn (all fifty square meters of it in this city), and it smelled great. The tulips are blooming all over the place. Cats are in heat and going crazy. But best of all, topping the Vernal Equinox or all pagan rites of spring, it's Opening Day. While the rest of Turkey's 74 million residents care only about futbol--you should see the looks on their faces when we play baseball on the shore--the world's greatest sport takes its reign again. Play ball!

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Anonymous said...

This is vaguely related, but it is sports. I noticed you had an interest in bike riding. I am moving to turkey shortly. We'll be living in Adana. I noticed you enjoyed riding bikes. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions. What kind of bikes can you get there? Are they good places? (you may not know this because I think you live in a different area) is the area generally friendly to riding? Is there any mountain biking?

Thanks for your help,
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