Monday, June 9, 2008

Four More Days!

I have only four more days of school, and my first year as a teacher will be over! Hopefully then I'll have more time to think and write, especially as I finish up some reading from class and commence studying the book of Genesis. But until then, I feel like I've either been so busy with other things (mentally and emotionally, at least)--namely, so-far-unsuccessfully trying to find a new job in the Chicagoland area--that I haven't thought of anything creative, new, or otherwise beneficial to post on here.
My third-period chemistry students sporting the tie-dyed shirts they made.

It really has been a blessing to look back on this year. It's pretty amazing to look back and realize how much smoother everything has become about being a teacher: planning lessons, grading work, keeping on top of absent students, tackling the VA Standards of Learning (SOL) tests (94% pass rate!), and all that. I remember how back in the fall I was freaking out all the time, constantly fatigued and stressed out, with a new challenge every day. Every day is still a challenge, and hormonal, emotional teens will never cease being teens; but it's easier. And best of all, I survived. Olivia reminded me of the encouraging fact that no matter what's on the horizon, I'll never be a first-year teacher again. The question is now: Where will I be a second-year teacher? (Thank God that at least my contract with Hermitage High School/Henrico County has been enthusiastically renewed, and that I like Richmond and HHS. T-minus one day until my contract is due . . . .)

Wouldn't you want to move 900 miles for this girl, too?
Apparently we are "sickeningly photogenic."


Penn Tomassetti said...

I found your post about being a high school teacher interesting. I also learned something from your previous one about using commas.

I have been teaching a small group of teens the gospel at a home Bible study in Philadelphia. I'm not a trained teacher, but am eager to communicate with them by the best means possible. That really means relying more on the Holy Spirit and less on myself. But if you have any other helpful posts, I would like to read them.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Yes, you are sickeningly photogenic - but remember, I heard the term from you first! I think the comment that is getting to her now is when people look at the photo and say, "my, you look like twins". Eeww gross, who wants to kiss their sister? It cracks me up every time she reports on such an instance!

900 miles - yes, I think she's worth it - but I am rather biased I think. But then, I know she thinks you are worth it too. So hang in - God has His reasons and they are good; He is worthy to be trusted and His will worth waiting for. He has not spoken His last word yet.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great pics, especially the last one! Of course you're right to want to move 900 miles in that case.

Glad your first year turned out well for you. You got over that wall, over the hoop. Exciting. And you can build on that.

Hope things work out well for you in your plans and goals for this summer and the coming Fall, etc.