Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spurgeon on Faith

"Faith is believing that Christ is what He is said to be, and that He will do what He has promised to do, and then to expect this of Him."
-- Charles H. Spurgeon, All of Grace
I find this quote to be very encouraging. So often in moments of doubt or decision I've had to take God's Word--what he has revealed about himself and what he declares he has done and will do for us in the new covenant in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20)--and take it right back to him and hold him to it. And that gives me strength, because God is unshakeable, faithful, and true.


Halfmom said...

and what is it, my dear, that you are needing to take back to Him for assurance that He will do it?

Andrew said...

I wasn't thinking of anything in particular when I posted this. I just liked the quote. But I think it's true nonetheless.

A specific example is when, before asking Olivia to marry me, I feared that sinful selfishness would get the best of us and trouble our marriage. Obviously both our families have been plagued by divorce and strife in the past. But I took God's new covenant promises that he would cleanse our hearts and renew us in love for one another (e.g., Ezekiel 36:24-29; Jeremiah 32:38-41) and took them to God in prayer, telling him that he is a faithful God who has promised to do this. So he must! And because I believed God was (and is) faithful to redeem us from sin, I could walk into marriage with confidence.

Halfmom said...

That is exactly the example that your post brought to mind as I read.

I do not remember how close it was to the actual "asking" or "marrying", but I remember the day when you shared this with me. It encouraged me then as it does now that God is not only faithful but that you are His provision for my daughter.