Sunday, May 20, 2007

Assorted updates

On the front of other personal sundries . . .

1. I finally have a job interview! After no small effort scouting out secondary science teaching positions, I have an interview on Wednesday--of all places--at Grand Ledge High School (Grand Ledge, MI), where I did my internship in 2004-05. Out of a pool of some sixty applicants, nine were selected to interview for two positions. The science department, including my mentor teacher, all said they were rooting for me.

If I get offered the job, I see no reason not to take it. I'm familiar with the school, the people, the administration, and the teaching resources; there might be an open cross country coaching position; I could live in Lansing, which would offer both urban diversity and easy access to some great country roads for cycling; and I'd already have a great church home, University Reformed Church.

2. Please pray for my friends Jon and Bethany. They are the proud parents of little Mitchell McAvoy, who, after his birth on May 1st, had to undergo open-heart surgery for t-DGA, a serious congenital heart condition. He's actually being treated at the University of Michigan hospital, where I was also delivered and lived in an incubator for two months. The neonatal unit there is awesome. Fortunately, the surgery seems to have gone well, and Mitchell is on the road to recovery, but please keep them in your prayers.

3. If only I were able to be in St. Louis this October for . . . German Days! That's right, leave it up to those crazy, beer-drinking Lutherans at Concordia Seminary to host something this darn cool. I still sometimes think about schemes for moving to der Vaterland.

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HALFMOM said...

congrats on the interview - but boo for Chicago not snapping you up!

fingers crossed, prayers offered for a successful interview